About Alpha Homes

Our Goal

Alpha Homes was founded in 1986 with the belief that people with disabilities are valuable individuals capable of contributing to the community in which they live. We are dedicated to empowering individuals to live and participate in community life, to meet their dreams and desire to live in the least restrictive setting.

We take pride in providing a nurturing home environment and establishing a relationship with each individual based on friendship, trust, and support rather than custodial supervision.

Every individual is unique and has different needs and supports, our programs are customized to represent and respect the individuality of each client.

Company Information

  • Founded and 1st home licensed November 1986
  • Supported Apartment Program started in 1990
  • Community Day Service Program started 1988

Mission Statement

Alpha Homes of Wisconsin will provide support and a coordination of services to the consumer in effort to help them become independent members of the local community, have a productive residential living environment, a career they desire and feel connected with their peers.